A Psalm of David. (Psalm 12)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 12


1. When something important must be said, do you write a letter, send a text, send an email, post a tweet, make a phone call or make a personal visit? Why?

2. What three types of “lip service” does David lament in verses 2 – 4?

3. How does the lip service referred to in Question #2 hurt the weak (verse 5)?

4. What is meant by “the words of the Lord” (verse 6)? Who wins this battle of words? Why? How?

5. What is your biggest “speech impediment”?

  • withholding the truth
  • flattery
  • boasting
  • not listening

6. Do you consider yourself a good communicator? What do your friends think?

7. When did a small word hurt you a lot? When did a small word encourage you a lot?

8. How do you rate on the apostle Paul’s view of speech (see Ephesians 4:15, 25, 29)?

Additional Comment:

Notice verse 4. Isn’t it interesting that the wicked always insist that no one has the right to tell them what to say?


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