A Psalm of David. (Psalm 25)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 25


1. When lost in a strange city (or a new store), what do you do?

  • ask for help
  • consult the map
  • find your own way

2. When were you most rebellious? What did you do?

  • as a child
  • as a teenager
  • as an adult
  • as a senior

3. In which verses does David ask God for protection from his enemies? What sort of enemies did he face?

4. In which verses does David ask for guidance? What characterizes God’s “path” (verse 5)? Who will God guide?

5. In which verses does David ask for forgiveness? To what aspect of God does David make his appeal?

6. How is David’s personal plea also a congregational prayer (verse 22)?

7.What are you most in need of today: protection, guidance or forgiveness? Do you feel you will receive it? Why or why not?

8. God promises to guide those who admit their sin, humble themselves, obey His covenant and live in awe of Him. Can anyone hope to be guided?

9. In reference to Question #8, how does such guidance come:

  • the “green light” of circumstances
  • a billboard along the road
  • a new “road map”
  • state trooper to the rescue
  • joining a “carpool”

10. With what is God’s guidance more concerned: ethics or geography? character or direction? morals or prosperity?

11. What quality need for finding God’s guidance will you work to develop this week? How could this psalm answer the question, “How can I know God’s will”?

12. If someone says, “my hope is in you”, how should they act? What about God’s character gives you the most hope as you face tough times ahead?

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