A Psalm of David. A Petition. (Psalm 38)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 38


1. What is the first part of your body to serve as an alarm clock that “something’s wrong”?

2. How do you get rid of hiccups?

3. How has God’s hand come down on David (verse 1 – 8)? What did people believe caused illness in David’s day (verse 3)? Why does it follow that friends avoid him (verse 11)?

4. What adds insult to injury for David (verses 9 – 12)? In light of his compounded suffering, how do you account for David’s continued trust in God: a placid or stoic disposition? Does he enjoy a pleasant turn of events?

5. Who does David feel is responsible for his suffering? If this same God is seen as the one who punishes sin, why trust Him for future deliverance?

6. Think of this psalm as written at a time of great illness. What illnesses are caused by ignoring God’s laws? What did Jesus say to the notion of illness as punishment (see John 9:1 – 3)?

7. Think of this psalm as written at a time of great awareness of sin. Is David’s guilt healthy? Why or why not?

8. When have you felt punished by God? What happened at that time of crisis? How did you relate to God then?

9. What part of David’s faith can you relate to from your own experience? How so? Where do you need to exert such faith now?

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