A Psalm of David. (Psalm 58)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 58


1. Have you ever written a letter in the heat of the moment and then chose not to mail it? Why? Did you send a revised version instead?

2. Have people thrown a surprise party for you? Did you suspect? Did you play into it?

3. Who does David credit for his escape (verses 1, 2, 1 Samuel 19:11 – 18)? Is he out of danger yet?

4. Why does David include all Gentiles in his plea (verses 5 and 8)? Is he getting paranoid?

5. What are his enemies like (verses 6 and 7)? What is their attitude towards God?

6. In verses 11 – 13, what does David pray for “my people”? For the “ends of the earth”? What does “consume them” mean? Is this David the fugitive praying, or David the king? Why do you think so?

7. What comfort and hope does David draw from the promise of God’s personal and world-wide judgment? What does judgment show about God’s view of injustice in the world? What would it mean if God did not judge evil?

8. What words change in verses 9 and 17? What does this show about David’s progression in faith between then and now?

9. How did God answer David’s prayer (see 1 Samuel 19:19 – 24)? Is this what David had in mind?

10. How should we pray for criminals or those who persecute God’s people? How do you balance hatred of evil with love for enemies?

11. How would your relate this psalm to the New Testament teaching that suffering is redemptive (see 1 Peter 4:12, 13 and Colossians 1:24)?

12. David could easily have become a cynic. Why didn’t he? How could David’s use of joyful worship be your freedom from cynicism?


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