Praise the LORD. (Psalm 146)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 146


1. Apart from eating, drinking and sleeping, what can you look back and say you’ve done “all your life”?

2. Is the psalmist being pious or is this really his daily experience (verses 1 and 2)?

3. What is “trust in princes” (verses 3 and 4)? Is it wrong to seek human help?

4. Is the psalmist plagued by a low view of himself or is he blessed with realism and courage? How so?

5. At what two types of power does the psalmist marvel (verses 5 – 9)? Who does God seem to be most concerned about?

6. Ask three family members or three friends to comment on what they think makes you tick. What two or three goals are clear from how you spend your time and talents? What do they see in your life that glorifies God?

7. Does God step in where human help stops? Or is God will performed strictly through human action? Who should the oppressed trust: princes, divine intervention, human intervention inspired by God or by their own actions?

8. How does this psalm speak to you when you’re feeling betrayed or on your own?


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