A Psalm of David. (Psalm 22)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 22


1. What close encounter with a ferocious dog or animal would you sooner forget?

2. Anyone ever call you a worm? Why?

  • I am/was sluggish
  • I like/liked to play in the dirt
  • I am/was a slippery character

3. Do you have an older brother? Did someone play that role for you?

4. What is David’s basic struggle (verses 1, 2, 6 – 8)? What seems worse: God’s distance or people’s mocking?

5. Where is David’s faith in the midst of these struggles (verses 3 – 5)? What does he recall about God’s past action that leads to the words of verses 1 and 11?

6. What is David’s claim in verse 10? How is this true?

7. How would you describe the mood shift between verses 1 – 21 and verses 22 – 31? What may have happened between verses 21 and 22?

8. Who is invited to David’s assembly (verses 26 – 29)? Why does he want to host this world-wide feast?

9. Jesus quoted the first line of this psalm on the cross (Matthew 27:46). What other details of this psalm turn up in the crucifixion narratives (see Matthew 27, Luke 23, Mark 14 and John 19)? How do these help you to understand this psalm?

10. When you are stricken with grief, feeling abandoned even by God, how do you express yourself?

  • disbelief
  • tears
  • anger
  • self-pity
  • hiding
  • bargaining with God
  • thinking about death
  • faith in spite of a bleak outlook

11. Verses 1 – 21 shift between faith and despair. If FAITH was on the wall to your right and DESPAIR on the wall to your left, where would you position yourself in the room to show where you are spiritually? Why?

12. Does it help you to recall the past in times of desperation? How would you rephrase verses 3 – 5 or 9 – 11?

13. If you were to host a feast to celebrate God’s grace to you, what’s one thing you would say in proposing a toast to your King?

14. Since Jews, Gentiles, the poor, the rich, people present and people future are all invited to Jesus’ feast (verses 22 – 31), how then will you reach out to others? Whom could you invite to Jesus’ feast this week?

15. The author of Hebrews quotes verse 22, saying Jesus is “not ashamed to call them brothers” (Hebrews 2:11, 12). Do you ever think of Jesus as “brother”? What does this kind of relationship mean to you?


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