Of the Sons of Korah. A Psalm. (Psalm 47)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 47


1. Have you ever seen a famous person in the flesh? Did he or she seem different that you imagined?

2. How often do you clap you hands or shout for joy in church? Always? Sometimes? Never?

3. “Nations” and “all the earth” are repeated 7 times here. What the psalmist saying about them?

4. What might verse 5 refer to (see 2 Samuel 6:12 – 15)?

5. What Jewish hope is expressed in verse 9 (see Genesis 12:3)?

6. In what way is God King of all the earth when so many people disobey and ignore Him?

7. Judaism does not teach that all should become Jews. Do you think God wants everyone to become a Christian? Even Jews? What is your vision of the messianic assembly (verse 9)?

8. Do you enjoy loud singing, clapping and praises? How often do your church services give you a sense of awe?

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