A Song. A Psalm Of the Sons of Korah. (Psalm 48)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 48


1. What part of the city best symbolizes your life?

  • downtown
  • central park
  • skid row
  • the outskirts
  • the mall

2. Mount Zion (Jerusalem) is idealized in verse 2. What verses are “down to earth”? How must the people be feeling?

3. How was the city delivered (see 2 Kings 18:17 – 36; 2 Kings 19:35 – 37)? Was it “secure forever” (verse 8)?

4. How did the Jews recall God’s deeds to the “next generation”? What methods has the Church used to hand on the story of Jesus?

5. What wider conflict or “war of kings” does the sweeping language of this psalm anticipate? How might the Church sing this psalm of the Gospel and the final rout by its Great King?

6. How have you seen God guide you through a crisis which threatened your city?

7. A lot of money is spent on church buildings. How can you avoid being enamored with the “citadels’ of power and the “ramparts” of a building fund drive, and keep God’s work in focus?

8. Who was significant in passing God’s love on to you? How can you pass God’s love on?


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