Adonijah Sets Himself Up As King (1 Kings 1:1 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 1:1 – 27


1. When you sleep, do you like it cool and breezy or warm and toasty? How does your roommate like it? Does that ever create a problem?

2. Were your parents strict or lenient with regard to your activities, whereabouts or friends? How so?

3. Were you ever shocked or surprised to find yourself not invited to some wedding or social occasion? Did you attend anyway?

4. What is David’s condition (verses 1 – 4)? To what is an aging king vulnerable?

5. Who arranges for Abishag to wait on David? Why not let one of his wives perform the bed-warming project?

6. Is the monarchy in Israel hereditary (see 2 Samuel 5:1 – 4)? Why hasn’t David publicly named his successor?

7. What are the pros and cons of making Adonijah king (verses 5 – 10)? Is he a champion schemer or an anxious heir apparent?

8. Why does Nathan oppose Adonijah and his plan (verses 11 – 14)? Why does Nathan approach Bathsheba? What’s the risk of getting involved?

9. What are Nathan and Bathsheba concerned about? What might happen to them if Adonijah comes to power? What will happen to Zadok and Benaiah?

10. How is Nathan’s plan supposed to sway the king (verses 15 – 21)? How does Nathan’s speech compare with Bathsheba’s (verses 17 – 27)? How would you feel if you were David?

11. In what ways do you feel more vulnerable now than five years ago? What bothers you most about aging?

  • declining health
  • loss of youth
  • loss of friends and relations
  • the inevitability of death
  • slow narrowing of options and possibilities
  • Other: _______________

12. How competitive are you? Would you run over people in order to win? Walk over them? Ask them to kindly step aside? What ambition have you yet to fulfill?

13. On a scale of 1 (“do it my way”) to 10 (“tell me what to do, please”), rate your need to control. Do you try to control things directly, or do you sway people indirectly?

14. Do you have a family member you don’t get along with? What happened? Is reconciliation possible? Desirable?

15. In what way do you need to “set your eyes upon your King” for direction at this point in your life? 



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