David Makes Solomon King (1 Kings 1:28 – 53)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 1:28 – 53


1. What promise did your parents make when you were a child that you can still remember today? Were they big on keeping promises or more forgetful?

2. How long could you live on a “promise alone” before you demanded its fulfillment?

3. Have you ever felt cheated out of something that was rightfully yours? What do you do when you feel your rights are being violated?

4. What is Bathsheba’s mood as she comes before David (verses 28 – 31)? On hearing David’s promise? Knowing David will soon die (and being ambitious for her son), why does Bathsheba want David to live forever?

5. What ceremonies are involved in the coronation of Solomon (verses 33 – 35, 38 – 40)? What significance do they have? What did Jesus mean by these very same symbols (see Matthew 21:1 – 5)?

6. Who are Benaiah, the Kerethites and the Pelethites (verses 36 – 38; see 2 Samuel 20:7, 23)? What role do they play here? Whose job does Benaiah want?

7. What is significant about the timing of Solomon’s inauguration (verse 41)? How do the various people (townspeople, Jonathan, David’s officials, David, Adonijah’s guests) respond to news of this event (verses 40 – 49)?

8. Why does Adonijah go to the altar (verse 50; see Exodus 21:12 – 14)? Is Solomon’s response (verses 52 and 53) fair or too soft? Should Adonijah be suspicious? Why?

9. Is the Lord “with” you in ways you can feel and know? Do you need more of that kind of  “witness”? Why or why not?

10. When you see a schemer at work, do you step in and get involved? Or keep quiet and mind your own business? Why?

11. Are there any distant rumbles (worrisome rumors, political maneuvering) which are causing you concern?

12. In your family, are you the eldest child, the youngest or in any other way “favored” by your parents? How did your parents’ fairness (or lack of it) affect you?



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