Solomon Establishes His Throne: Part 1 (1 Kings 2:13 – 34)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 2:13 – 34


1. Was there ever a person you once wanted to attract? What silly, abnormal or crazy thing did you do? Was he or she impressed?

2. Why does Adonijah want Abishag (verses 13 – 17; see also 1 Kings 1:3, 4)? Is he a sore loser? Secretly in love? What did sexual relations with a king’s wife or concubine symbolize (see 2 Samuel 12:7, 8; 2 Samuel 16:21, 22)?

3. Why does Adonijah make his request through Bathsheba? What does Solomon see behind his brother’s request?

4. Why does Solomon punish Abiathar and Joab immediately after Adonijah’s request? Why does Abiathar deserve to die (verse 26)? Why does Solomon spare him?

5. Why does Joab flee in verse 28? Why doesn’t Benaiah kill Joab immediately (verse 30; see also Exodus 21:14)?

6. What justification does Solomon offer for Joab’s execution (verses 31 – 33)? Is Solomon acting righteously, or is he simply eliminating the opposition to his government?


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