Solomon Asks For Wisdom (1 Kings 3:5 – 15; 2 Chronicles 1:7 – 13)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 3:5 – 15

2 Chronicles 1:7 – 13



1. Do you remember dreams? Nightmares? Daydreams? Describe one.

2. Which of these gifts would you give your best friend – fame, wealth or long life? Which one would you like most?

3. If you could have only one of the following, which one would you choose . . .

  • live to be 100
  • write a great novel
  • own your own mansion
  • raise a happy, well-adjusted family
  • travel to every continent

Keep in mind that Solomon was about 20 years old when he succeeded his father David as Israel’s king:

4. What were Solomon’s motives in the beginning phase of his reign?

  • political
  • romantic
  • God-fearing
  • compromising
  • righteous
  • wise

5. Why did the Lord tell Solomon to, “ask for whatever you want”?

  • to reward him
  • to test him
  • to honor his father David
  • to teach him to depend on God
  • because God loves to give

6. Why did Solomon ask for wisdom?

  • to walk in his father’s footsteps
  • to avoid his father’s mistakes
  • because of his young age and inexperience
  • because he was humble
  • because he felt insecure as a king

7. Why does God use dreams to communicate (see also Genesis 20:3; Numbers 12:6 – 8)? Why not be more direct?

8. With what kind of prayers does God seem pleased (1 Kings 3:11, 12)?

9. What else does God promise Solomon? Why? What saying of Jesus echoes this (see Matthew 6:33)?

10. Have you ever sensed God’s will in a dream? How does God’s word come to you? Do you need a special “appearance” from God sometimes to help you cope?

11. Whose interests are close to your heart? Do your own needs weigh heavy? Or are you so concerned about everyone else that you don’t take care of yourself?

12. Does anyone have your interests at heart? Who?

13. Close your eyes and imagine that God appears to you tonight. What question is He asking you? How do you want to respond?

14. Looking back over your life, do you feel on the whole that you have received more than you asked for or less than you expected from God?



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