Solomon And A Dispute Over An Infant (1 Kings 3:16 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 3:16 – 28


1. In what area are you considered “wise”?

2. Who’s your favorite detective? Ever try any detective work yourself?

3. Why should the new king worry about a dispute among prostitutes? What does Solomon know about mothers and babies?

4. What kind of court system does Israel have (see 2 Samuel 12:1 – 6; 2 Samuel 14:4ff)? How would this case have been settled in a modern court?

5. What different ideas does your family or circle of friends hold about the power of government (verses 24 and 25)?

6. For what quality is Solomon testing the women (verse 26)? Why not test them for honesty?

7. Why did Solomon call for a sword?

  • he was impatient
  • he was barbaric
  • he was forcing the issue
  • he had a plan

8. What was Solomon’s priority in this decision?

  • the mother’s feelings
  • the child’s welfare
  • ending the conflict
  • doing the right thing

9. How would you describe the way you make tough decisions?

  • hesitant
  • logical
  • quick
  • emotional
  • deliberate
  • firm
  • wishy-washy
  • impulsive

10. How have you gained wisdom in your life?

  • through experience
  • through studying the Bible
  • from other people
  • by asking God for it
  • I’m not sure

11. What do you hope to receive as a side benefit of living according to God’s wisdom?

  • prosperity
  • a long life
  • fulfillment
  • peace of mind
  • happiness
  • confidence
  • success
  •  companionship

12. Would this story have filled you with awe (verse 28)? Why do you think Israel was so impressed?

13. What present situation do you need God’s wisdom to deal with?

14. Do you pursue wisdom? How? How many hours this week did you seek wisdom?

15. What has been your toughest decision this year? What prevailed: your feelings? other’s advice? circumstances?

16. Are you considered compassionate? What brings it out? What closes your heart toward others?


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