Solomon’s Other Construction Projects (1 Kings 9:10 – 28; 2 Chronicles 8:1 – 11, 17, 18)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 9:10 – 28

2 Chronicles 8:1 – 11, 17, 18



1. Which of the following occupations are closest to your dream?

  • astronaut
  • movie star
  • professional athlete
  • president
  • research scientist

2. What major project would you like to accomplish in the next five years?

3. If you could own an entire town, from what section of the country would you choose it? What size town? What essential attractions?

4. (If married) What modifications in your living situation did you undertake when you began living as two? Do two really live more cheaply than one? (If single) What economic factors would affect your decision to wed?

5. After skimming through today’s reading, how many different projects did Solomon accomplish in his career as king? What talents did he demonstrate in these projects? What do you think Solomon did best?

6. How has Hiram helped Solomon with his building projects (1 Kings 9:11 – 14, 27, 28; see also 1 Kings 5:8, 9)? What was in it for Hiram? Why does Hiram feel cheated by Solomon?

7. How did Solomon manage to build all that he did (1 Kings 9:15, 20)? How does the forced labor policy strike you: fair? shrewd? racist?

8. Does Solomon’s treatment of his wife seem right to you? What dangers are lurking behind this situation (see 1 Kings 11:1 – 13)?

9. What do 1 Chronicles 8:17, 18 and 1 Kings 9:26 – 28 indicate about Solomon’s skills in the sphere of international commerce?

10. What do you find admirable in Solomon’s accomplishments as king? What would you rather he hadn’t done? Why?

11. How is your own worship of God like Solomon’s? Does his example suggest any changes you need to make?

12. What actions of these ancient regimes would be considered criminal today? What cultural factors and religious beliefs made Solomon’s situation different from yours?

13. How do you handle people who are not happy with a gift? With their salary? Their marriage? Their career? Are you able to keep such disappointed people as friends?

14. What ethnic group tends to do the menial tasks in your town? Is this fair? What can you do about it?

Additional Comment:

In 1 Kings 9:10 – 14, did you notice another incident where Solomon may have stirred up the resentment of the northern tribes of Israel against the southern tribes? He gave away part of the Promised Land to a foreigner: King Hiram (as payment for services).  King Hiram called the 20 Galilean towns “Cabul” – “good for nothing”.



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