Solomon’s Wealth and Splendor (1 Kings 10:14 – 29; 2 Chronicles 9:13 – 28; 2 Chronicles 1:14 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 10:14 – 29

2 Chronicles 9:13 – 28

2 Chronicles 1:14 – 17



1. Do you know anyone with money to burn? What would you do with all that money?

2. More specifically, let say you were suddenly given $1,000,000. What is the first thing you would go out and buy?

3. What one possession were you the most proud of as a teenager? Do you still have it?

4. Solomon’s wealth is legendary. How does these passages strike you? Explain your answer.

  • accurate history
  • political boasting
  • storybook account
  • goldmine

5. How does Solomon make his “revenues”?

6. What is significant about his lions, apes and horses?

7. How is God true to His promises to Solomon (1 Kings 3:12, 13)? Is wisdom a money-maker? Or does having money give the appearance of wisdom?

8. How does Solomon profit from the “arms race” (1 Kings 10:28, 29)? How does he rate with the Mosaic code (Deuteronomy 17:16, 17)?

9. How did Solomon display his fabulous wealth for people to see? Did any of these projects have a practical value to them, or were they all merely decorative?

10. Try to sketch a picture of the great throne described in today’s Scripture passages. Do any of the parts seem to have symbolic meanings? What thoughts might visitors have had as they approached this throne?

11. Why was Solomon considered a world leader of his time? On what was his leadership based? How do you think this “world status” benefited Israel as a people? Hurt them?

12. Are gold, silver or ivory signs of God’s favor today? What seems to have taken their place and why?

13. It is said, “one man’s wealth is built on another man’s poverty”. Does that seem true in Solomon’s case? In your case? Who pays for your comfort in terms of low wages, broken treaties and unfair business deals?

14. Is it right for Christians to accumulate large amounts of “silver and gold”? Why?

15. Do you wish you were a wealthy person (if not already)? In what ways would you use your wealth and possessions to bring honor and glory to God? What spiritual dangers might you encounter?



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