Solomon’s Officials & Governors (1 Kings 4:1 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 4:1 – 19



1. What one month do you feel free to take your annual vacation? What month is freer than most for volunteer church work? For getting caught up on household chores?

2. Would you ever take up the careers of your parents? Why or why not?

3. Which names in today’s reading do you recognize? Who seems to be carry-overs from David’s administration (verses 2 -6; see 1 Kings 1:32, 33; 2 Samuel 8:16)?

4. In reference to Question #3, who carry on the professions of their parents, and who seem determined to do otherwise (verses 2 and 5)?

5. What extra pressure might Ben-Abinadab and Ahimaaz face under Solomon’s rule?

6. Of the following, which job pressures affect you positively, and which affect you negatively:

  • parents’ expectations
  • monthly routines
  • urgent deadlines
  • job specs
  • getting ahead

7. When jobs are passed out (at church, in the home, at your place of work) are you the “can-do” type or the “talk-it-over” type? Give an example.

8. What title would you give your “job” in God’s kingdom? How did you find your line of work?

Interesting Fact:

Under the reigns of David and Solomon, Israel was approximately 3 times the size it is now. It encompassed land that now belongs to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.



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