Solomon’s Daily Provisions and Wisdom (1 Kings 4:20 – 34)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 20 – 34



1. How often do you shop for groceries? How many bags per trip?

2. What will history cite as your area of expertise?

3. What is Solomon’s Israel like economically? Militarily? Spiritually?

4. What does this passage reveal about taxes? What non-Israelites are taxed (verse 21)?

5. Is the author’s exaggerating things to demonstrate a point? To you, what point seems stretched?

6. What are Solomon’s areas of expertise? How do you suppose he came by his special wisdom: private study? international discourse? practice? instant answer to prayer?

7. Should affluent people consume so much while others go hungry? What sacrifices can you make to help those less fortunate? How so?

8. Is taxation an absolute right of those in power? What do you make of your country’s tax system?

9. If Solomon were a member of your church, what would you ask him?

10. In what sense would you like more wisdom? How can you get it?


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