The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon (1 Kings 10:1 – 13; 2 Chronicles 9:1 – 12)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 10:1 – 13

2 Chronicles 9:1 – 12



1. Whom did you most admire as a teenager? Why?

2. The Queen of Sheba and retinue probably traveled over 1,000 miles to Jerusalem. What reasons can you discover for such a spectacular visit?

3. How did the Queen show her admiration for Solomon? Do you feel her words of praise had some political motivation?

4. If you could spend a day with one of the following, whom would you prefer and why:

  • Caesar Augustus?
  • Joan of Arc?
  • Queen Elizabeth I?
  • Napoleon?

5. What questions do you suppose the Queen of Sheba asked?

6. What firstly and secondly impresses the Queen? How is it she “sees” wisdom?

7. What is the surprise twist and the main point of this whole episode:

  • a woman of this era comes to test Solomon?
  • she pays homage to the god of Solomon’s territory
  • she expresses faith in the God of Israel
  • she offers extravagant gifts for his advice
  • Solomon gives her a “blank check

8. What impresses me most about the Queen of Sheba was that she:

  • had the intelligence to test Solomon with hard questions
  • saw the connection between Solomon’s wisdom and his God
  • knew how to flatter Solomon
  • didn’t seem overly concerned about her image

9. What were her words in 1 Kings 10:9 and 2 Chronicles 9:8?

  • sincere
  • manipulative
  • full of understanding
  • a recognition of the Lord as Solomon’s and Israel’s God
  • a confession of the Lord as her God, as well

10. What did the Queen of Sheba take home with her?

  • seeds of faith?
  • a new faith?
  • a business deal?
  • wonderful gifts?
  • more than she brought?

11. Who is someone whose godly wisdom has drawn you to the Lord? What might you do to express your appreciation to them?

12. If someone could give you “all you desired and asked for”, which three of the following would you choose?

  • great wealth
  • great health
  • physical attractiveness
  • a successful career
  • a happy family
  • a life without stress
  • a close walk with God
  • a clear sense of purpose
  • close friends
  • other: ________________

13. What do your choice in the last question indicate about the next steps you need to take in your life?

14. What does this story stir up in you: envy? suspicion? unworthiness? embarrassed by praise or riches? Why?

15. Who truly admires you or seeks out your opinion? How is love for God evident in your talk?

16. What one question would you ask the wisest person in the world?

Additional Remarks:

King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, but the Queen of Sheba was not among them. She was probably on a high-level diplomatic mission. Solomon’s kingdom  represented a huge threat to her land, which previously has held a trade monopoly over the land route through Israel.



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