Of Solomon. (Psalm 72)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 72


1. To get your vote, what one characteristic must a candidate for the highest office in your country exhibit?

2. Do you like your national anthem? With what lines do you agree or disagree most strongly?

3. This psalm is dedicated to Solomon. To what other king does it allude (see Isaiah 9:6, 7 and Zechariah 9:9, 10)?

4. What three qualities will the king bring his people (verses 1 – 4)? What should he do about oppression? Why aren’t middle or upper classes mentioned?

5. How long will he rule (verses 5 – 7)? Over what boundaries (verse 8)? How will the nations respond (verses 9 – 11)? Since no Israelite king ever ruled such vast territory, what is the author saying in this royal extravagance?

6. How does verse 17 relate to Abraham (see Genesis 12:3)? To Christ?

7. This psalm is regarded in Jewish and Christian tradition as “messianic”. Given only this psalm to work with, how would you explain the Messiah to someone else? Can you see why Jews (from Jesus’ time to the present) fail to see it fulfilled in Jesus? How does it fit your view of Jesus?

8. How do you feel about nationalism? Who rules you? Why have human government? Does God approve of all world leaders and their actions?

9. Can you honestly say that God is your ruler? If not, who is? If so, what about your life reveals God’s rule? What does it mean to have God as King of your life?


The next post will begin our study of the book of Proverbs!



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