Warning Against Enticement (Proverbs 1:8 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 1:8 – 19


1. How does your mom usually greet you? What does she say before you leave?

2. What favorite saying do you recall of your dad’s?

3. How is heeding parental instruction (verses 8, 9) related to verse 7? How does it stand in contrast with the way of sinners (verses 10 – 19)?

4. What is appealing about the get-rich-quick schemes and peer acceptance? What is wrong with them?

5. Would this advice keep a son out of trouble, or get him out of trouble? Explain your answer.

6. To whom is verse 17 addressed? What kind of person walks into their own trap? Who should warn them?

7. What is the end of all wrongdoing? What does Jesus say about gaining the world but losing one’s soul (Mark 8:36)?

8. How did you handle peer pressure the first time you took the car out with friends? The first time you could drink alcohol? With what results? What counsel would you give your own children in these areas?

9. To what get-rich-quick schemes and peer pressure are you most susceptible today”

Additional Comment:

Many of my teenaged students don’t believe me at first when I tell them that the Bible talks about gang-related pressures and activities. Today’s reading is one example.



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