Moral Benefits of Wisdom (Proverbs 2)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 2


1. What collectible item do you treasure the most? Why that one?

2. What do you keep that your parents (or your significant other) would rather you threw out?

3. If in Proverbs 1:20ff it was wisdom who was clamoring to be heard, who must clamor now? Why? If not “clamorous”, what tone of voice do you now hear this father using?

4. By what means and in what order does this wisdom come to us? (Notice the verbs.) Why begin with God’s words and commandments?

5. What is the goal of this treasure hunt (verses 5, 6): head knowledge? moral knowledge? change in behavior? conversion? Explain your answer.

6. Is such a relationship with God discovered or given? Why?

7. How does God help you in this (verse 7, 8)? What further benefits attend the awe and intimacy of knowing God (verses 9 – 11)?

8. Verses 12 – 19 are in couplets, each half mirroring the other (even in key words). What other poetic parallelism do you see?

9. What protection (verses 12 – 19) and provision (verses 20 – 22) can you expect from wisdom?

10. How’s your search for wisdom coming along?

  • “I found it”
  • “I lost it”
  • “I give up, where is it?”

11. In reference to Question #10, what two clues from this passage can help you find the source and benefits of wisdom?

12. What attracts you about the “ways of good men”: their looks? their means? results (verses 21, 22)? Why?

13. Since the pleasures of sin are compelling, what must righteousness and wisdom counter-offer for you to follow them instead?

14. Is the path of your life taking you where you’ve always dreamed of going? Or are you off-course somewhere? How can knowing God better help get you back on track?


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