Wisdom Is Supreme (Proverbs 4)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 4


1. What one thing can you recall being true of granddad, which was true of your father, which is now also true of you?

2. It is commonly agreed that Solomon was the author/compiler of most of Proverbs. This particular passage draws from his family background (see 1 Kings 1:28 – 30). Who was his mom? His dad? What do you suppose their father-son talks were like: monologue? dialogue? question and answer?

3. What was David’s charge to Solomon? How is that reflected here (verses 4 – 9)?

4. In passing along wisdom from one generation to another (verses 1, 3, 4), what is involved: setting a good example? being good with words? minding your “P’s and Q’s”? long lists of “Dos and Don’ts”?

5. In this proverb are there more “Do’s”, or more “Don’ts”? Why might that be? How is Solomon able to sell his “sons” on the value of wisdom?

6. What does the travel motif imply about the nature of biblical wisdom? Is the way to wisdom well-traveled? Or is it less-traveled? Can you stay home (in your “ivory tower”) and still learn it? Do you dare leave home without it? Why or why not?

7. Using the travel motif as it applies to your pursuit of biblical wisdom, what would you say you are?

  • lonely trailblazer
  • crazy off-road driver
  • sleepless over-the-road 18-wheeler
  • teenage hot rodder
  • demolition derby buff
  • chugging along in your compact car
  • touring the USA in your Chevrolet
  • strictly thumbing and bumming

8. In what area of your life do you need the counsel of verses 25 – 27? If you are in a small group, how can they help you do this? What are you willing to do to help straighten out or make level someone else’s path?

9. Of all the father-son (or mother-daughter) talks you have had, which one stands out as the most helpful in the long run? Have you passed that wisdom along to another (child or friend)? Why not now?



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