Warning Against Adultery (Proverbs 6:20 – 35)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 6:20 – 35


1. Which of your dad’s or mom’s sayings can you recall? Which do you use?

2. What were you disciplined for most often? How were you disciplined?

3. What do you suppose the “father-son talk” in this chapter involved: a monologue? a dialogue? a “question and answer” exchange? trial and error?

4. What images help picture what the “commands” and “teachings” are like? What does it mean that a “prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread”?

5. How does the use of poetry (exaggerated language, parallelism, emotional pull) help to make the point of this chapter so vivid?

6. What do you see in verses 30 and 31: situation ethics? moral relativity? justice? or what?

7. Do you think God’s judgment (verses 32 – 35) is brought on by ourselves, or exacted by others? Explain your answer.

8. How have your parents’ instructions actually guided, watched or spoken to you? Give an example.

9. If your parents’ instruction is wrong (or not of God), must you still obey it? What experience of parental discipline illustrates your point?

10. When in your life (past or present), have you been burned “playing with fire” (verses 27ff)? How does today’s passage suggest you keep your life pure?



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