The Proverbs of Solomon (Proverbs 19)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 19


1. What great cause has really pumped you up? How have you demonstrated this excitement?

2. What cause were you once zealous for, but no longer actively engaged in? Why?

3. Do you support causes now more with your head, heart or checkbook? Explain.

4. What recurring themes and key words are highlighted in this chapter?

5. One of Solomon’s highlighting devices is the use of thesis and antithesis in his couplets. In which proverbs is this contrast most pronounced? How does this literary device add to understanding the main point?

6. Some couplets use comparison more than contrast to make their point. What examples do you see in this chapter? What point is made by these comparisons using “better than”, “worse than” and “like”?

7. Some contrasts are set up by cross-referencing proverbs. What do you see in this chapter contrasting ruining and guarding one’s life? Between ignoring the special pleading of the poor and giving to them (as unto the Lord)?

8. What contrasts fall under the “different strokes for different folks” category? What distinction do you see between the mocker, the simple, the hot-tempered person, the son, the discerning and the fools?

9. What do the jarring absurdities and metaphors in verses 10, 13, 24 and 26 tell you about the practical difference wisdom should make in one’s lifestyle?

10. In your life, how have you experienced the truth of verses 5, 9, and 28? How have you been hurt by a “false witness”? What was the net result for them?

11. What experience have you had with a raging heart (verses 3 and 12) and a patient one (verse 11)? When have you been tempted to blame God for some ruinous situation? How do you treat those who offend you with a false witness?

12. What experiences have you had with drippy faucets or leaky roofs in your home (verse 13)? What was your plumber’s solution? Did that shut it off? If not, what will? Who is the wisest plumber you know?

13. What discipline or instruction are you under now? What do you think is the reason or goal? What does t that say about the Lord’s prevailing purpose (verse 21)?



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