Sayings Of The Wise (Proverbs 24:1 -22)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 24:1 – 22


1. You have been given a box of Lego blocks or Lincoln logs for a present. What is the first object you will build? How large? Will you follow directions, or make it up as you go along?

2. About the first home you lived in: where was it? its color? how many rooms did it have? which room was your favorite?

3. The “wise” man compares honey and wisdom (verses 13 and 14). How are they alike? How do they differ?

4. Advertising encourages us to envy. What does this chapter imply about envy (verses 1, 19, 20)? What or who should we follow instead?

5. How are we to wield power wisely (verses 5 – 7)? Compassionately (verses 11 and 12)? How are the two related?

6. What is meant by defeating evil powers and deferring the Lord’s justice (verses 17 – 22)?

7. What happens when God’s people seem to be defeated (verses 10, 16)? What is their hope?

8. Re-read verse 10. With what would you compare your strength in times of trouble: a pea? a hatbox? a bookshelf? a brick building? a huge mountain?

9. What is your typical reaction when drug thugs, rapists or terrorists get their due? How can you not gloat (verses 17 and 18)?

10. What does it mean to you that the Lord God knows all your secret thoughts – your faltering, your gloating, your ignorance?

11. Do God’s people “fall”? What difference is there then between God’s people falling and the ungodly falling (verse 16)?

12. What compassionate rescuing effort do verses 11 and 12 bring to mind? Who reached out to you in that way as your lifesaver?

13. How can your small group (family, friends, church) join hands to rescue the perishing? When will you begin?

14. If your life were a house built by wisdom, what “rare and beautiful treasures” would be housed there?



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