Further Sayings Of The Wise (Proverbs 24:23 – 34)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 24:23 – 34


1. If you were judging a beauty contest, would you emphasize looks, talent or poise?

2. What do you remember about your first kiss on the lips: who? when? what were you feeling at the time?

3. How do these “sayings of the wise” extend the themes in chapter 23? How do the wise approach their life and learning (verse 32)?

4. What is the difference between judging rightly and wrongly?

5. What does verse 27 imply about priorities for work? For marriage?

6. What was once your strong suit (“stone wall”, verse 31), but no longer, due to neglect (“thorns” and “weeds”)? What would it take to rebuild that neglected area of your life to what it once was?

7. What do “outdoor work”, “fields”, “your house” (verse 27), each typify in your life? Has the nesting instinct taken over? What must be done first? How willing are you to do that?

8. What areas of your life are wide awake to the Lord? What areas are still asleep? How might you become more awake?



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