Sayings of Agur (Proverbs 30)

Scripture Text:

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Proverbs 30


1. To what vehicle would you compare yourself or your lifestyle? And with what feature of that car do you identify?

  • Four-wheel drive truck
  • Nine-passenger van
  • Speedy sports car
  • Classic roadster
  • Comfortable sedan
  • Economy car
  • All terrain vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Chauffeur-driven limo

2. Where would you like to take you and yours for a day’s drive in this vehicle?

3. In what ways are the “Sayings of Agur” like Solomon’s proverbs? How are they different? Which ones are more like the Psalms, addressed to God?

4. What is the point of the literary style and device which compares three and four items with one another? In using this device, is Agur:

  • losing track of his sermon outline?
  • stuttering in his speech?
  • trying to be cute, witty or chatty?
  • painting a picture without being explicit?

5. How does that style affect the content and impact of the chapter? Is his main point to observe, to suggest or to preach? Why do you think so?

6. What do you learn about Agur from verses 2 – 4? From verses 7 – 9? What assumptions about human nature and money underlie his two-fold request? Why doesn’t he pray to use poverty and riches rightly?

7. What do you learn of God from the agnostic’s questions in verse 4? From the answer in verses 5 and 6? From Agur’s prayer in verses 7 – 9? From the arrogant “eyes” of verses 11 – 14?

8. How does the character of “those” pictured in verses 11 – 14 contrast with Agur at prayer? What will happen to the “eyes” of those who arrogantly leech off others (verses 15 – 17)?

9. What is “amazing” about the “ways” and the fifth way (verses 18 – 20)?

10. What is “unbearable” about the four things (verses 21 – 23)?

11. What is so “wise” about the four “small” creatures (verses 24 – 28)?

12. What is “stately” about the next four things (verses 29 – 31)?

13. How do verses 32 and 33 tie together all the other sayings about humility?

14. After viewing Agur’s humble, artistic impressions, how do you feel?

  • “I know where this guy is coming from”
  • “I’m totally confused”
  • “But for the grace of God, there I go”
  • “I wish he would not be poetic”

15. Which gives you more grief: not enough money or too much money? Explain.

16. What childhood cravings of yours are still unsatisfied? What can you take to heart from these sayings which will help you crave things less?

17. What does it mean to “play the fool” (verse 32)? Where have you “played the fool and exalted yourself” (verses 32 and 33)? What can you take to heart from these sayings?

18. How are you tempted to add to God’s words (verse 6)? What principles of inductive group Bible study help to avoid that?

19. Of these ways, things and creatures of this chapter, with which can you most easily identify? Is the comparison at all flattering, humbling or what? How so?



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