A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon (Psalm 127)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 127


1. Have you ever been called a workaholic? Why?

2. What work does Solomon renounce (verse 1)? How do those who rely on their own efforts see their work (verse 2)?

3. Is the beginning tied to the end? What is said about large families? What happens “in the gate” (verse 5)?

4. Is God building your business? Family? Support systems? Or are you?

5. Jewish law promoted big families? Are they obsolete today? Does society help or hurt family unity?

Important Note:

We will begin a month-long study of “Song of Solomon” starting Monday July 7. If you are married (or will be studying with your significant other) get ready for a multitude of questions about the emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy within marriage.

Taking into account the nature of the subject matter and that many of you will be studying this book with your spouse (or significant other), I will publish 2 posts per week (instead of 5) until the end of July. Look for the study questions on Monday and Thursday of each week.



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