Solomon’s Song of Songs 3:6 – 11

Scripture Text:

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Song of Songs 3:6 – 11

Ice Breaker Questions:

1. (If married) On your wedding day, what was the most unconventional thing you did? The funniest thing that happened? What was your gift to each other? Share a “snapshot” of the wedding party.

2. What made your heart skip a beat on your wedding day? On your honeymoon? Is it important to rekindle that kind of spark? Why?

3. (If single or single again) What do you hope to experience on your wedding day?


Questions About the Text:

4. Assuming the last part of chapter 3 refers to their wedding day, how do you think Solomon’s bride felt as she saw the wedding party approaching?

5. In this wedding snapshot (verses 6 – 11), where is the focus: (a) on the bridal procession? (b) the king’s wedding crown? (c) the royal wedding? Why do you think so?

6. Note the number and purpose of the groomsmen. If the groom wanted to back out now, how could he?


Personal (Application) Questions:

7. When you were first married, how would you compare your relationship to the couple’s in Song of Songs?

  • Ours was every bit as romantic as this couple’s.
  • We had some of the same feelings, but didn’t know how to put them into words.
  • Our relationship was much more subdued.
  • Our relationship is still this way.

8. Like the couple in this story, what keeps your love alive?

  • playful teasing
  • dreaming together
  • times apart
  • having caring friends
  • private rendezvous

9. What factors enter into an engaged couple’s decision about how BIG to make their wedding? What was (or would be) the determining factor in your case?

10. What are some ways you have discovered to create “marriage time” (apart from “family time”)?

11. What positive steps can you take to insure time and privacy to nurture your love life?

  • establish a day or a weekend alone every __________________
  • go on a “date” every ____________________
  • experience some creative romance by __________________
  • plan a trip just for us to ________________



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