Solomon’s Song of Songs 6:4 – 7:9

Scripture Text:

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Song of Songs 6:4 – 7:9

1. (Women) If your husband described you like Solomon did in chapter 6:4 – 9, how would you respond?

  • I would blush
  • I would feel honored
  • I would faint
  • I would expect it
  • I would know exactly what he wants

2. What do you make of Solomon’s words in light of the fact he had many wives (hundreds eventually)?

  • she was his favorite
  • he had enough love to go around
  • he flattered all his wives this way
  • he feelings don’t last
  • this was the only real romance he ever experienced

3. Was sex a wholesome word or a dirty word for you growing up? Who embarrasses more easily about questions of sex: you? your parents? or your kids? Why is that?

4. How did your parents resolve conflicts?

  • an eye for an eye
  • repetitive round robins
  • Mount Vesuvius temper tantrums
  • hit-and-run attacks
  • peace at any price
  • no fights allowed
  • fighting fair

5. How did you feel when your parents fought?

6. When might the wife have heard something akin to this adoration (compare 6:4 – 9 with 4:1 – 7)? What does her husband omit this time?

7. In reference to Question #6, why the aversion to being aroused by her eyes? Does she suspect he wants to make up? Make love? Or what?

8. What is implied by her passing by in one of his famous chariots (6:10 – 12)? How does she use this chariot to seek a “new growth” in their budding romance?

9. Since “Shulammite” (6:13) was once the feminine form of “Solomon” (as in Don and Donna), what does this say about her fitness as his mate?

10. After expressing how in love they truly are, what follows next (7:1 – 9)? What new detail do you see in his description of her beauty this time around? Why would that be?

11. God is a jealous lover. So were these two. Do you ever get jealous or arouse your mate’s jealousy? How so?

12. When celebrating “after hours” the body that God has given you (and its capacity to bring pleasure to another), what thoughts and prayers come to mind?

13. Does your hope for true married love spring eternal? Or has it wilted? Where does it need nourishment and security of God’s true love, renewed every morning?

14. What serendipitous event has kept alive the love between you and yours?

15. Who still sees you essentially as you were when you first declared your mutual love and commitment? Is that unconditional acceptance romantic? Paternal? Fraternal? Divine? Or what?



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