Solomon’s Adversaries (1 Kings 11:14 – 25)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 11:14 – 25

1. Did any school-age “adversaries” ever gang up on you and cause you to flee? Do you have any vivid memories of being “on the run” from them?

2. Have you ever been set up with “someone’s sister”?

3. What does it mean that God “raised up” adversaries against Solomon? Didn’t they have their own reasons to oppose him?

4. Why does Hadad give up Egypt’s comforts for guerrilla life (verses 15 – 22)? Is he a coward waiting for David and Joab to die? Why does Pharaoh try to dissuade him?

5. From where comes Solomon’s second enemy (verses 23 – 25; see 2 Samuel 8:3 – 6)?

6. How is God fulfilling His promise to David by giving Solomon these enemies?

7. Are you: (a) seeking revenge for past wrongs? or (b) finding yourself the object of others’ grudges? How should people respond to unjust treatment?

8. Who are your adversaries? What might God be trying to communicate to you through them?



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