Jeroboam Rebels Against Solomon; Solomon’s Death (1 Kings 11:26 – 43; 2 Chronicles 9:29 – 31)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 11:26 – 43

2 Chronicles 9:29 – 31

1. Who stole your “first love”? In turn, were you ever the “heart-breaker”, forsaking an old friend for a new one?

2. How have you not lived up to (or rebelled against) your parents’ expectations or standards of excellence?

3. What commends Jeroboam for the position he’s given (verses 26 – 28)?

4. Do you think Jeroboam opposed Solomon before meeting Ahijah (verse 29)? What grievances might he have had?

5. How do Ahijah’s actions embody God’s plans (verses 30 and 31)? Hasn’t the “cloak” been divided for some time (see 2 Samuel 5:5; 19:43)? What tribe will Solomon keep (verse 32; see also Joshua 19:1 – 9)? What tribes are left (see Joshua 21)?

6. Is God dividing Israel during its golden age, or has Solomon simply failed to unite it? Who does this passage blame for the schism: Jeroboam? Solomon? God?

7. If you were Solomon, which adversary would cause you the greatest concern: Hadad (verses 14 – 22)? Rezon (verses 23 – 25)? Or Jeroboam? Why?

8. Why does Solomon try to kill Jeroboam (verse 40)? What must have transpired? How loyal an ally is Pharaoh?

9. What written source no longer exists as far as we know (verse 41)? Why write this account if other ones already exist?

10. Has God torn anything out of your hands lately? Any guess as to God’s purpose? What have you learned through this?

11. The promise of reward is a common motivation for obeying God, but is it a sufficient incentive for you? How so? What promises of reward would you want to keep in mind through the coming week?

12. What three accomplishments do you want mentioned in your obituary? Is there anything you hope gets left out?



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