Toil Is Meaningless (Ecclesiastes 2:17 – 26)

Scripture Text:

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Ecclesiastes 2:17 – 26

1. What is your most valued possession? Who would you like to leave it to when you die?

2. Why did the Teacher hate life?

3. Who is said to be the real beneficiary of someone’s work (verses 18 – 21)? Why is that?

4. How do verses 24 – 26 contrast with the preceding?

5. What does it mean to “please God” in this context?

6. What does God have to do with satisfaction in work?

7. Who is the “sinner”? Why does God favor the one over the other?

8. Why do you work? When do you most feel like not working?

9. Do you see your work as a gift from God, as drudgery, or both? Does that make you grateful, even for the drudgery, or hateful? Why?



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