Advancement Is Meaningless; Stand In Awe of God (Ecclesiastes 4:13 – 5:7)

Scripture Text:

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Ecclesiastes 4:13 – 5:7

1. How do you react to a guest preacher (vs. the regular pastor)?

2.  What “hasty promise” did you later regret making?

3. These two passages (4:13 – 16 and 5:1 – 7) focus on our relationship to lordship. What type of lordship is the focus in the first? In the second?

4. In chapter 4:13 – 16, why is the old king so unpopular? The successor so popular? Why are those who come “later” displeased with the successor (4:16)?

5. In 5:1 – 7, what is the fool’s error? What is meant by the exhortations to “listen”, “keep silent” and “not delay”? What are the potential results of  “quick” mouths?

6. How does verse 7 summarize the message of chapter 5:1 – 7? Of chapter 4:13 – 16?

7. Facing poor or evil leadership in a particular group, when are you most patient? Most prayerful? Most pushy for change? Most “quick with your mouth”?

8. How do you become part of its solution instead of the problem?

9. What do you do when you make a hasty promise you cannot keep?


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