Wisdom: Part 1 (Ecclesiastes 6:10 – 7:14)

Scripture Text:

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Ecclesiastes 6:10 – 7:14

1. If you compared your life to a product in a Sears catalog (if your old enough to remember the Sears catalog!), which item is it most like? Would you be the good, better or best model?

  • power tool
  • sofa
  • lawn ornament
  • grey flannel pajamas
  • other: ___________

2. Who in your family is the most accomplished funeral-goer? What sets him or her apart?

3. Who was the last person to “tell you off”? Why? How did you react?

4. Dream a bit: If all goes well, what do you predict for yourself next year?

5. In chapter 6:10 – 12, the Teacher gives some observations and questions that introduce the next section. What are the observations? The questions?

6. In chapter 7:1 – 12, how does the Teacher go about searching for answers to his question, “what is good”? Is anything absolutely good, or are some things only relatively better?

7. In the couplets or comparisons in chapter 7:1 – 4, which is the better thing and why?

8. What is the reason behind the advice given in verses 5 – 7?

9. Why is the question in verse 10 so unwise (see chapter 7:8 – 10; chapter 1:9)?

10. In chapter 7:11 and 12, what is meant by comparing wisdom to “an inheritance”? To a “shelter”? How does wisdom preserve life?

11. How sincere is your quest for the “good” things God provides in life? How do you recognize them?

12. When you are confused, how do you decide who to listen to? How do you know when to give advice? Rebuke? Praise?

13. As compared to dwelling on the past or longing for the future, how much do you live in the present? How much do you enjoy it? What can you do to enjoy the “here and now” more?

14. Would you say these days are good times or bad times for you? Is your answer based on nostalgia (for the past) or hope (for the future)?



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