Obey the King (Ecclesiastes 8:2 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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Ecclesiastes 8:2 – 17

1. Who was the first “bully” you stood up against? With what results?

2. When you hear the phrase “the good die young”, whom do you think of? At such times, are you sorrowful, angry, disgusted or disillusioned?

3. What reasons are given for obedience in verses 2 – 5? How will the “wise heart” know the “proper time and procedure” (verses 5 and 6; see also chapter 3:1 – 15)?

4. Who would you substitute for “no man” in verses 7 and 8? In every sentence?

5. Who seems to be the subject in verses 9 and 10? Hoe does the “lording it over” in verse 9 contrast to having “power over” in verse 8?

6. What is the problem in verse 11, and who is to blame for it? In verses 12 and 13, what injustice does the Teacher see? In what ways will it “go better” for the God-fearer (verses 12 and 13)? Why?

7. How is the injustice depicted in verse 14 meaningless? How does verse 15 strike you?

  • realistic
  • sarcastic
  • cop-out
  • joyful

8. What is the link between verses 14 and 15?

9. What is the difference between seeing “all that God has done” and grasping “what goes on” (verse 17)? What advice is implied in the Teacher’s realization (verses 16 and 17)?

10. What sort of injustices (personal, family, global) are most like to arouse you to act? Where do you draw the line?

11. How does your search for answers to life’s problems affect your relationship with God? How easy is it for you to trust Him when the answers are unattainable? What can be done to develop such trust?


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