The Conclusion of the Matter (Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14)

Scripture Text:

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Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14

1. Name one of the best books you ever read. Why did you enjoy it? What is one of the worst?

2. Who is speaking in 12:9 – 14?

3. How is the Teacher described (verses 9 and 10)? What work has he done?

4. What do verses 11 and 12 warn against? Who is the “Shepherd” in verse 11?

5. How does the speaker summarize his interpretation of the book (verses 13 and 14)? How does this compare to the teachings in the rest of the book?

6. In retrospect, how do you respond to the reflections in this book? What do you feel about its author?

7. Which discussion had the most impact on your thinking? How do you think its author would want you to apply his work to your life? How do you think God would?



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