Jeroboam Institutes An Alternative Religious System (1 Kings 12:25 – 33)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 12:25 – 33

1. How far do you travel to church? Why not worship closer to home?

2. Do you sit in the same place every Sunday at worship service? When did you last break out of the mold?

3. What two threats does Jeroboam feel from Judah (verses 25 – 27)? How does he address each?

4. Who does Jeroboam echo (verses 28 – 30; see also Exodus 32:4)? Do the golden calves replace or represent God? Why two of them? (consult a Bible map)

5. How else does Jeroboam’s do-it-yourself religion compete with the religious system of Judah (verses 31 – 33)? By what authority are the changes made?

6. Who are your spiritual authorities? Is the church a democracy?

7. How do you tell true religion from false religion?



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