The Man of God From Judah (1 Kings 13)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 13

1. Have you ever been threatened by a wild animal: Bear? Wolf? Lion? Bison? Mice?

2. On vacations, where do you tend to eat: familiar fast food chains? exotic native restaurants? hotels? truck stops? When do you cultivate your culinary curiosity?

3. What tall tale or legendary story about you got really blown out of proportion? Who contributed to the fantastic distortions?

4. Who is the “man of God”? Could he have delivered his message at Bethel in a more diplomatic way? How so?

5. Does his prediction generate any concern for Jeroboam (verses 4 and 5)? What “gives teeth” to the prediction?

6. Why do you think the king invites the man of God to his home? Would you have gone?

7. Why does the prophet refuse (verses 8 – 10)? What might be God’s rationale behind these restrictions?

8. What motivates the old prophet to go after the man of God (verses 11 – 19)? Why does the old prophet lie?

9. Whose fault is it that the man of God gets fooled into dinner? How do you suppose the man of God feels when he hears the words in verses 21 and 22: trapped? deserted? tricked? hopeless? repentant? scared?

10. Imagine you are playing the game known as, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” What would you answer about the scene in verses 23 – 25? What’s the message about the man of God’s death?

11. How is the old prophet affected by the death?

  • worried that he will be next
  • sorry about lying to the man
  • glad to have had a word of prophecy after so long
  • other: __________________________

12. Does Jeroboam get the message? Is the message clear enough?

13. Where does Jeroboam go wrong? Is he worried? Scared?

14. Has anyone in this chapter done right? Does God’s work get accomplished? Does this chapter strike you as a Hebrew fairy tale? Why or why not?

15. Are you being tempted in any way now to step off the straight and narrow path? Where might you want to deviate?

16. In reference to Question #15, is someone urging you to deviate of the right path? What rationalizations have arisen in your mind for doing what you know deep down is not right?

17. How can you tell the difference between a genuine “prophecy’ and a lie?

18. Are there any decisions (or mistakes) too severe for God to forgive? What kind? (If it is possible) where does God’s love stop and sure judgment begin?

19. Can “anyone who wants to be” qualify as a preacher or teacher? Who qualifies as spiritual authority?

20. Where do you plan to be buried? Does it make any difference?



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