Ahijah’s Prophecy Against Jeroboam (1 Kings 14:1 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 14:1 – 20

1. Have you ever needed a disguise? False mustache? What was the occasion? Fool anyone?

2. If you could order a new body, who would you look like? What color eyes would you pick? Hair? Skin tone? What  feature would you keep in the new version?

3. Why does Jeroboam send his wife to Ahijah in disguise (verses 1 – 4)? What might Ahijah say if Jeroboam or his wife came without disguise?

4. What special sensitivities has the blind old prophet developed (verses 4 – 6)? If you were Jeroboam’s wife, how would you feel about Ahijah’s greeting?

5. Why did God choose Jeroboam to rule Israel in the first place? Why is his sin especially grievous (verses 7 – 9; see also 1 Kings 11:31 – 33; 38)? Did Jeroboam misunderstand God’s commands?

6. What is disgraceful about not being buried (verses 10 and 11; see also Jeremiah 16:4)? Why is Abijah the exception (verses 12 and 13)?

7. What does the future hold for the northern kingdom (verses 15 and 16)? Why are the people so easily led astray by their rulers?

8. What do you imagine Mrs. Jeroboam is thinking as she travels back home? As she tells others about the prophet’s warning? Why does the author record nothing about Jeroboam’s response to all this bad news?

9. What feelings do conflict stories (especially your own) bring out in you? Do you tend to avoid or create conflict? Why?

10. Like Jeroboam, most people sense great potential as the start their lives, marriages, careers. But gradually the glitter fades. Why? How do old feelings of potential and promise stay fresh? Get rekindled?

11. Do you plan to be buried or cremated? No plan? Is this something you would prefer to leave to your family? Why?



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