Shishak (King of Egypt) Attacks Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 12)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 12

1. Ever get stopped for speeding? Ever talk your way out of a ticket?

2. Likewise, ever get out of punishment you deserved from the hands of your parents? How did you manage that?

3. Why does Rehoboam abandon the law of the Lord at this time (verse 1)? Why does that so anger the Lord (1 Kings 14:22 – 24)?

4. What prompts Shishak to attack and Shemaiah to warn Jerusalem? With what effect?

5. If not for Shemaiah’s prophecy, do you think Rehoboam would have humbled himself anyway, or fought off the attackers?

6. What do you think of Rehoboam’s punishment and deliverance?

  • too soft for a holy God
  • too bitter a pill to swallow for a proud king
  • just right for God’s mercy and wrath

7. To make this lesson stick (and bring some good out of Judah), what part was played by the guards (verses 9 – 11)? By Shemaiah and Iddo (verse 15)? By outside forces? By family?

8. If this chapter was your point for rediscovering God, what would you learn about His character and purpose?

9. What examples does Rehoboam leave you to follow? To avoid?

10. When are you tempted to compromise with God’s law? When you feel strongest or most vulnerable? Why is that?

11. Do you have a friend like Shemaiah who keeps you in line by interpreting the meaning of things that are happening to you?



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