Abijah, King of Judah (1 Kings 15:1 – 8; 2 Chronicles 13:1 – 14:1)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 15:1 – 8

2 Chronicles 13:1 – 14:1

1. In what jams have you found yourself this past week?

2. In what two ways are you like (and unlike) your father?

3. What chapter from your life would you like to re-write if you could?

4. If you were chained to the wall in the cellar of a foreign jail, who of the following characters would you like to see leading the rescue team? Why?

  • Dr. Who
  • Sheriff Matt Dillon
  • James Bond
  • Indiana Jones

5. What kind of leader is Abijah?

  • cautious
  • timid
  • fool-hardy
  • righteous

6. Compare the picture of Abijah in 1 Kings 15 and 2 Chronicles 13. How are they different?

7. How many fighting men does Abijah have? What about Jeroboam? What has led to the two armies facing off?

8. Since Abijah is sinful, why is he given the throne? Why does God continue his line “for David’s sake” (1 Kings 15:4)?

9. Though Jeroboam has twice the fighting force, Abijah appears confident? Why?

10. What could the strange term “covenant of salt” mean to Abijah (see Leviticus 2:13; Numbers 18:19)?

11. What clues should show intelligent Israelites the error of Jeroboam’s rebellion?

12.How does Abijah mock Israel’s new gods or “not gods” (2 Chronicles 13:9)?

13. While Abijah is speaking, what is Jeroboam’s strategy? What turns the battle from a surprise attack into a victorious routing of the Israelites?

14. Besides the battle, what does Jeroboam lose? What does Abijah gain? How is Abijah’s leadership rewarded?

15. Many Bible stories tell how God routed enemies when His people were outnumbered. What do these stories tell you about God’s strategy vs human strategy? About risk taking?

16. What gods or “not gods” compete for people’s adoration today? Why have these “not gods” have any appeal? What “not gods” tend to compete for your adoration?

17. Does God bless people for the merit of their ancestors?

19. Why will one child follow the parents’ ways, another will reject them? Did you follow or reject your parents’ beliefs?



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