Asa, King of Judah (1 Kings 15:9 – 24; 2 Chronicles 14:2 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 15:9 – 24

2 Chronicles 14:2 – 15

1. Have you ever foraged through garbage dumpsters or roadside trash for treasures? With whom? What was the loot?

2. How often do you go “garbage sailing” or “dumpster diving”? What items do you look for? Ever been told you need to hold a garage sale?

3. Do you like tearing down or taking apart more than setting up and putting together?

4. What’s the most fun for you to tear down, take apart or clean up? What feels so good about it?

  • a campsite
  • garden weeds
  • car engine
  • bicycle
  • old apple tree
  • clothes closet

5. Why do you think Asa’s mother is not mentioned (1 Kings 15:10)? What could have motivated Asa to break the chain of evil forged by his father and grandfather?

6. What are Asa’s accomplishments (1 Kings 15:12 – 15)? Which accomplishments required tough moral fiber? What was Asa’s reward?

7. What is the function of “male shrine prostitutes” (1 Kings 15:12; Deuteronomy 23:17, 18; Hosea 4:14)?

8. How many fighting men were in Asa’s army? What were their weapons? How many fighting men in Zerah’s army? Chariots?

9. What resistance does Asa face in his reforms and why (1 Kings 5:13)?

10. If you were to go on a rampage against modern “Asherah poles”, what are your top two or three targets? Why?

11. What is Asa’s strategy for national defense (1 Kings 5:16 – 20)? What is the alliance based upon? What short-term benefit might it provide? What is the long-range problem in Asa’s military plan?

12. Asa relied on the Lord to fight his battle. What battle are you fighting now? How can you rely on the Lord to fight it?

13. Has your obedience to God ever alienated family or others around you? Was it really your faith or just your “holier-than-thou” attitude? What happened?

14. Is the security of your country in “silver and gold”? Stones and timber? Undercover dealings? Where does real security lie?

15. Do you fear becoming an invalid when you get older? Where will you live when you can no longer get around? How can you best prepare for possible disabling illness?

16. What was Asa’s battle strategy? Did it work? What happened to the “vast army” of the Cushites? Their villages and camps?

17. The kings of Judah and Israel had lots of influence over the people’s ideas about God? How did Asa witness to his faith in God?



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