Asa, King of Judah: His Reforms (2 Chronicles 15)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 15

1. Which of the following most closely matches your general thoughts and attitude about the weekly sermon?

  • I usually remember it
  • I’m glad it’s only once a week
  • They don’t have much place in my life
  • They are too long

2. What advice would you offer on how to reach people through a sermon?

3. Azariah delivers a dynamic sermon and gets results! What are the main points? What is the impact for Asa? The people?

4. Do you think the command in verse 13 was fair? Why or why not (see Exodus 22:20 and Deuteronomy 13:6 – 9)?

5. What political changes took place in the life of the nation as a result of “finding” the Lord?

6. What was Asa’s and the nation’s reward for their actions?

7. Has a sermon ever changed your life or behavior? If so, share its message and lesson with someone.

8. How is Asa’s response to the sermon a model for people today? In what ways can you “take courage” after a sermon?

9. What would it mean for God to be “found” by your nation? By your church? By you?

10. Do you feel God is in hiding? If so, where is He?



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