Asa, King of Judah: His Later Years (2 Chronicles 16)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 16

1. What run-ins today enrage you?

2. What was Baasha, king of Israel, doing to Judah? How did Asa outsmart him and protect his own territory?

3. Was God pleased with Asa’s strategy? Why or why not?

4. Hanani the seer delivered the bad news to Asa. What was his message?

5. What was Asa’s response? How is Asa’s response different from his response to Azariah (2 Chronicles 15:8)? Is there anything in Hanani’s message which could have helped Asa to take courage?

6. Asa’s anger kept him from seeking help from the Lord in another difficulty. What was it? The consequence?

7. Recall a time when your response to a reprimand was anger. Was there something in it to take courage from instead?

8. Why does God want you to rely of Him? Share a time when you relied on the Lord.



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