Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria (1 Kings 20:1 – 12)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 20:1 – 12

1. When have you taken a stand against violence and why?

2. Do you haggle and barter prices or just ask the price and pay up?

3. Why did Ben-Hadad’s father attack Israel 50 years earlier (see 1 Kings 15:18 – 21)? Why does Ben-Hadad II besiege Samaria (verse 1)?

4. Does Ahab take Ben-Hadad’s terms seriously (verses 2 – 4)? What terms shock Ahab (verses 6, 7)? Why?

5. Why do the elders and people counsel resistance?

6. What’s the point of Ahab’s proverb (verse 11)? Describe the reaction at Ben-Hadad’s camp.

7. What “enemy” haunts you time after time? Will you ever be rid of it (him or her) once and for all? How so?

8. What could you never give up to someone who asks of you? Would you die for this?

9. Do you get defensive easily? When do you take off your armor? What is your prized defense mechanism?



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