Jehosphaphat Appoints Judges (2 Chronicles 19:4 -11)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 19:4 – 11

1. Which would you prefer to judge and why?

  • sports event
  • county fair pie contest
  • jazz band competition
  • a talent show
  • beauty pageant
  • court
  • or something else?

2. In chapter 17, Jehoshaphat began a teaching mission and in this chapter he begins judicial reform throughout Judah? What is to be the guiding principle for the judges? What does the king warn them against?

3. Who did the king appoint to the Jerusalem court? What serves as the “constitution”?

4. What further instructions does Jehoshaphat give the judges? What is their final appeal for lawful behavior?

5. What quality must judges possess above all others?

6. What would you say is your guiding principle in decision-making everyday?

7. How can knowing God is with you whenever you make a decision affect your decisions?



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