Summary of Jehoshaphat’s Reign; Ahaziah, King of Israel (1 Kings 22:41 – 53)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 22:41 – 53

1. In what two ways are you like (and unlike) your father? Your mother?

2. If a biographer were writing the events of your life, what source documents and eyewitnesses would be invaluable?

3. What are Jehoshaphat’s big accomplishments? What could he have done better?

4. Why does he succeed in eliminating male prostitutes, but not pagan pillars and alters?

5. Why does his ships wreck (verse 48; see also 2 Chronicles 20:35 – 37)? Was it wrong to make peace with Israel?

6. What is Ahaziah’s problem (verse 52)? Who is to blame for this repeated sin?

7. Is it possible to know that your life is “right in the eyes of the Lord”? Does it matter if you know or not?

8. How would a one-paragraph biography of you read differently if you were doing “evil in the eyes of the Lord”?

9. Why do some children follow their parents while others totally reject them? How does it look like your children will go (if you have any)?



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