The Lord’s Judgment on Ahaziah (2 Kings 1)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 1

1. If someone questioned whether you were a Christian, how would you react and why?

2. Where is your place to be alone to pray, think and write letters?

3. Using a Bible map, determine how far out of his way did Ahaziah have to go to consult the god of Ekron. Who is Baal-Zebub (see Luke 11:14, 14)? Why does Ahaziah consult this god?

4. Why do the messengers turn back (verses 5 – 8)? Why would a king’s squadron obey the word of a single unknown man over the king’s order?

5. What tone of voice do you expect from Ahaziah on hearing the man’s description?

6. What could Elijah be doing on a hilltop (verses 9 – 12)? Why does he take offense at their question? Why does the third captain succeed (verses 13 – 15)?

7. Does this story strike you as:

  • accurate history of God’s methods of persuasion?
  • folklore revealing how little the ancients respected life?
  • a parable on respecting God’s prophets?
  • other?

8. How does Elijah’s message in person vary from the ones delivered by go-betweeners? With what effect?

9. What would you say God is like if this chapter were your starting point?

10. In the midst of all the demands on your time, do you take time out to think, pray or meditate (as Elijah)? Is there enough time for you to meet God?

11. With which character do you identify?

  • the bed-ridden Ahaziah, fumbling for answers
  • the first two captains, staunch but sorry loyalists
  • the third captain, a practical man
  • Elijah, afraid yet aware of God’s true power

12. What would you do with several uninterrupted minutes each day alone with God? Would you run out of things to talk about?

13. How has God proven Himself powerful through a recent victory in your life?



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