Elijah Taken Up To Heaven (2 Kings 2:1 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 2:1 – 20

1. What’s your longest hike? Was it under duress? Why?

2. Were you a “hand-me-down” child? Whose clothes did you get? Whose “outgrown” things would you appreciate these days?

3. Why does Elijah continue to ask Elisha to stay behind (verses 1 – 6)? Why does Elisha keep refusing? What does it tell about each man and their relationship?

4. How do the “companies of prophets” know about Elijah’s upcoming departure (verses 3, 5)? Do they seem to have a better rapport with Elisha than Elijah? Why doe Elisha ask them to keep it “hush-hush”?

5. What does everyone suspect about Elisha (verse 7; see also 1 Kings 19:19)?

6. Why use a cloak instead of a bridge or boat (verses 8, 14)? To what authority does this action tie him (see Exodus 14:21, 22; Joshua 3:7, 13)?

7. What does Elisha mean by “a double portion of your spirit” (verse 9; see also Deuteronomy 21:17)? Is this a presumptuous request? Why does Elijah say its a “difficult thing” (verse 10; see also Numbers 11:17, 25)?

8. What do you suppose happened next to Elijah and why? What doe the eyewitnesses think happened (verses 15 – 18)?

9. Why does Elijah get special treatment (compare him with Enoch; Genesis 5:24)?

10. What does Elisha mean in verse 12? How does he feel? Has he passed Elijah’s test (verse 10) or been granted the request (verse 9)? How does he “double-check”?

11. Why doesn’t Elisha fill the prophets in on the true meaning of these events?

12. Many biblical heroes – Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul, Jesus – raised no family. What are the advantages of being single or celibate? Disadvantages? Did you ever consider it an option for you?

13. Have you ever had the mantle of leadership passed onto you? What was it like? Could you truly be yourself?

14. In what company (outside immediate family and friends) would you like to spend a day walking and talking? What would you hope to learn?

15. Would a miracle-working cloak be helpful to you? Why or why not? Is there a modern version of Elijah’s cloak?

16. In what manner would you like to die? Is a believer’s death like Elijah’s disappearance? How so?.


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